About Me

I’m Cheryl Woodhouse, a Certified Nutritionist, keto-vangelist, food justice advocate, and writer.

I grew up eating a “Standard American Diet”.

Processed food wasn’t just the norm in our house, it was pretty much the only option. Convenience and marketing lingo trumped real nutritional value, so I grew up on packaged dinners and pre-packed snacks.

By the time I was 21 years old I was clinically obese, in an advanced state of dental decay, and had been diagnosed with insulin-resistant PCOS.

It took me 10 full years to understand the impact food – specifically, our industrial western diet of food-like substances – can have on your health. Now I’ve dedicated my life to helping others understand the same, with 3 guiding principles:

1. Nourishing, nutritious, whole foods should be available to everyone – regardless of economic means, geographic location, or dietary preferences.

2. The metabolic damage done by our modern, industrial food systems can be undone through careful implementation of an anti-inflammatory, low-carbohydrate diet for a period of time, under supervision by a healthcare team.

3. Women are the key to making food wholesome, nutritious, sustainable, and equally available to all.

I hold a certification in nutrition from Precision Nutrition, am currently completing my NASM CPT, and have plans to become a Registered Dietician.

I’ve been a writer since the age of 16, and my previous work as a business and success coach has had me featured in several blogs and magazines related to marketing, business, and success.

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